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well this the is the 65th anniversary of Dday. I am 86yrs of age and our boat carried 200 soldiers from Newhaven to Sword beach on june 6th 1944. It was a very emotional time, the invasion had been cancelled … Continue reading

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Aunt Agnes

Aunt Agnes is the only person I know who went for the hirings. You had to stand at the Morpeth town hall and the Farmer would come and agree to hire you for 12 months. If you accepted he gave … Continue reading

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Years ago before buses or charabangs, day trips out used drays. T he ladies of Coach road decided on a day trip to Newbiggin by the sea. the dray was a flat four wheeled cart. The trippers had to bring … Continue reading

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Walker Terrace

Coach Road where my father was brought up was a cul de sac it lead up to Spring View which was the house built for the owner of the Bedlington Iron Works. Walker Terrace was the next turning from the … Continue reading

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stuck in the shaft

In the coal mines there was three main shifts two AM and nine AM., were coal getting shifts and five PM was the stone shift. So if you were a coal filler and had a mate who liked the two … Continue reading

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When we started school we walked from Barrington. Then we got to Kidds yard it led on to Glebe Road so we had that and the Netherton Road to cross. However Catholic row meant no roads to cross. So we … Continue reading

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We were very fortunate. We lived in Kidds yard at the top of Glebe bank. The entrance was through an arch our house was to the right of the arch, and our bedroom was above the arch so people going … Continue reading

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I have a book with that title unfortunately it is in a bookcase in my grandaughter’s house in Spain. Its about the Coconut Grove fire in Boston in 1942. 600 people died among them was Buck Jones the cowboy film … Continue reading

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I’d heard of gloworms. but thought of them as fairies or elves . As I’d never seen one until 1939 when i was 16 I first saw them on the stairs in the Welcombe Hotel in Stratford on Avon. The … Continue reading

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hello NVA Vets

welcome to my blog site June 1944 we sailed from Newhaven about 5 pm on the evening of June 5th and arrived at Sword beach about 7 or 8 am I was electrician on LCI 116 We had 200 troops … Continue reading

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