Uncle Tommy

Uncle Tommy was my mothers older brother. When I was about 8yrs old i thought he was great. I watched their furniture getting loaded into the van and off to London. Perhaps they got our house in Kidds yard when we moved to Catholic Row. I distinctly remember seeing the furniture van at the entrance to Kidds Yard. When we came home from school I can remember being hungry and waiting for the bread to be baked. Mam used to make a fadge it was about 2 inches thick so baked faster than the loaves. Once I got a slice of fadge with blackberry jam on, I would say i am going to walk to London i usually walked about a mile to a little pump house then returned home. Once i actually reached Hartford Bridge. When I was older I realised the different situation of my mam and her brother. Uncle tommy had 3 teenagers and his wife worked so they had 5 workers

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