uncle jamesy

Uncle Jamesy is the only person I know who has had the birch. He must have been a bit of a rebel I heard he refused to go to the outside tap to fill the kettle so granda made him run back and forward with the kettle lid, Jamesy told me it cured him. The birch that is. he didn’t a repeat. I believe he did go to a catholic institution and learned crafts invible mending etc: Granny said it made a scholar out of Jamesy. To avoid working down the pit he moved to Hexham and worked as a cook at the hospital. He was on the TGW union and used to bring down to it’s HQ subscriptions etc:
We lived at his sister Norahs in Bow E.3. He had done upholstery and always put his hand down easy chairs and settees. He found a pair of scissors which he kept claiming findees keepers. He was at Dunkirk he told me there was a box of mills bombs he knew how to arm them but the officer didn’t and forbid him to arm them so he jumped on a motor bike and headed for Dunkirk.
He praised Muriel for the way she had fixed our room and told Norah to take a leaf out of Muriels book. I’ve visited his daughter Margaret she lives in Prudhoe. I liked Aunt Norah and was gratefull she let us stay with her for 18 months. 2 weeks after we moved back up North we were offered a new flat in Poplar. But i’m pleased we came North . In 1960 Muriels sister went to Australia on the £10 scheme. I thought we would follow but Muriel said i left Bedlington once I’m not leaving it again. Sesible lass.

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