a set in

i was in Northumberland Arms with my dad. I’d be under five
and granda Riley came in. he asked for a set in but pop said “I’ll get you a drink here.” but granda wanted a set in. he wanted to go in the market club. Once in he would make deals and have a good drink. I can’t remember the outcome. Pop would prob give granda half a crown Granda was very popular. I once saw him in the Black Bull pub. People kept giving him pints and he was giving the barman 3p for empty bottles and funneling the beer to take home. he was a character, he was always anchor man for the greasy pole. A man in the market club named grandas team. they would climb on each others shoulder then the lightest guy would grab the money from the top of the pole. before they all collapsed in a heap. He was a great character.

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