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My middle son Kevin wanted a scooter. His friend had one so as he was 16 yrs old Kevin wanted to join his friend. But our neighbours son had a motorbike and when he revved up and off, I imagined a crash. How to deter Kevin. I saw an adert for 3 wheel car for £28. At that time a 16yr old could drive a 3 wheeler provided it had no reverse. Reliants had a block fitted on the gearbox to prevent one using the rear gear.
However this car was different. A British made car and the engine went into reverse, impossible you may say. But it was true. The engine was a 197cc villiers a single piston job. driving the front wheel. it was made of aluminum and had a canvas roof. the ignition key inserted and turned gave 3 forward gears. but if pushed further in and turned gave you 3 reverse gears. It had 8 inch wheels really low set a 4 seater. i really liked it myself. I gave Kevin a few rides in it. And was pleased when he stopped seeing his scooter friend at 16 one can easily change directions in life. So I ws happy with my toy car. If it stalled it was much easier lifting it nearer the curb than pushing it. I was used to driving it solo. Once it stalled and i forgot my missus was in the passenger seat so when i lifted the rear end she thought the car was going to turn over.
To drive it you waggled the gear stick and when you got neutral a green light came on. Then you pulled a lever which operated the kick start. It developed clutch trouble so i carried the engine up stairs and wrapped all the electric parts in newspaper. Unfortunately my daughter lit the bedroom fire with the electric parts. So I replaced the engine and tried it out now you had to lift the bonnet rattle the gear control for neutral then give the kick start a kick. There was a slope from our house so a little free wheel and you could get it in gear. the cylinder head gasket went and i got 7 miles with a brownpaper and redlead replacement. I was at Bedlington and the engine was running but i wasn’t moving i looked in my mirror and i saw the chain lying in the roadway.
of course starting on the level you had to have someone push you off. I visited a friend and my eldest son pushed me off. My friend said are you not going with your dad. I had to drive round the block then my son jumped in as i slowed down. unfortunately when we moved house the bond went to the scrap yard. Which just leaves memories of a very happy episode in my life…

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