Sunday morning.

My wife and I were married the same year as the queen. BUt circumstances were very different. When we returned from our honeymoon in London we had nowhere to live. So i lived with my parents and she lived with her father. Her sister was still at home. My aunt offered us a room in east London. So we took her offer.
but we returned up North. After WW2 accommodation was hard to find in Calais people lived in Canadian city
huts which the Canadians had used. In Bedlington we had the hartford huts.
I used to jog 2 miles to the A pit for a Sunday morning shift. It was extra money we worked from 6am till noon
the coal shift started at 2am on Monday so it was essential to see that everything was in order. Our job was to do any repairs to run pumps to keep water levels ok etc: When you go into a district in the mine the main thing is ventilation. So you get no electricity to any machines etc: until you have switched the big fan on.we all arranged to rendezvous at 1130 in case there was any mishaps.
however all the electricity went off at 1030. So everyone made their way to the shaft. The A pit had an electric winder and a steam winder. Fortunately so we got to the surface ok.
apparently there had been an electrician in a manhole. His task was to saw through a dead cable, but poor man he had sawed through a live cable and was killed. Tragedy is always just around the corner….

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