The Blyth news had a column 50 years ago. In 1962 they included a tragedy at Bedlington. It was about a man after making his shots of gunpowder waffing the crumbs into the fire and being burnt to death. and a baby died also. My aunt Agnes said it was 1902 when it happened not 1912.
My granny Riley had a lodger called Jack Lovell. He was the man involved. Fred Dibnah the Steeplejack historian said that the round oven doors were unique in the North East. the rest of the country had square or rectangle oven doors. My grandmother had twin girls they would be near the fire for warmth. The oven door when it was down acted like a hot plate. Jack would make his shots like sausages with newspaper then put them aside to take to pit. He ran out then ran back poor man if someone had smothered the flames. And the little baby girl. It was a real tragedy. My father would be about 6 years old at the time.
He said it all happened so quick there was nothing anyone could do. I can remember seeing the oven door at coach road and thinking how it was involved with the tragedy.

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