It is many years since we first met our friend lol munley. My first impression of him was he seemed a pleasant sort of chap, but rather a boozy type. He had been drinking with my rather boozy husband joe, so naturally i thought he was like all the rest of the geordies, i knew that was joe’s cronies.

He came quite often after that and brought his guitar and used to stay until the early hours. I felt sorry for the poor neighbours, but they never complained. I never heard them anyway. I will skip over the next few years, as it would take forever to go into every detail.

As the years went by lol was left alone in his mothers house,he had lived with his parents, as he never married. He was never very strong, he suffered from asthama and he eventually lost his job as he ailed so much. You may think he wasted his life after seeming to be idle so long. A lot of people got that impression of him too, and quite a few thought of it. But it wasn’t so. He kept very busy. He was a very intelligent man and if he had been stronger could have made quite something of himself. However he just accepted his fate and remained very cheerful and used his many talents in other ways.

He wrote music and played quite a few instruments. He used to go entertaining to the old peoples cocerts. He went entertaining other old people at different places. He often wrote little stories and poems and he would give them to joe, we still have them and we will treasure them until the day we die.

As the years went by his health got gradually worse. We didn’t see so much of him when we moved a few miles away but still kept in touch. Joe used to visit him and we phoned regular. He was often away to hospital he suffered quite a lot but it didn’t deter him from getting on with his music etc: when joe needed advice he often foned him and always seemed to get satisfaction. We were very sad when we heard he had to have one of his legs amputated it was a great shock to us. We really thought it would finish him, but somehow he got throught it and still remained cheerful…

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