Years ago before buses or charabangs, day trips out used drays. T he ladies of Coach road decided on a day trip to Newbiggin by the sea. the dray was a flat four wheeled cart. The trippers had to bring their own chairs to sit on. They would cross the river wansbeck at Stakeford. And eventually finish up at the Cresswell Arms the pub next to the Newbiggin moor.
There would be singing and drinking everyone having a swell time. However not everyone was happy. Granda Riley didn’t agree with this sheenannigan, It was alright for him going to pubs but to him a womans place was in the home. Granny Riley told me this story. Granda Riley arrived at the Cresswell Arms and said Meggie Oot. The other ladies would feel sorry for her, but for peace she obliged and meekly said ta-ta to her friends. Granda would have a pony and a two wheeled flat cart. The river Wansbeck was tidal and when they reached the ford the water was a bit deep to cross however granda made the pony tackle it. And the cart was awash. When they got to the other side they dismounted to walk up the bank from the river. And Granda discovered his coat with his money in had been washed away. Granny said ” I was pleased that really made my day”..

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