Walker Terrace

Coach Road where my father was brought up was a cul de sac it lead up to Spring View which was the house built for the owner of the Bedlington Iron Works. Walker Terrace was the next turning from the bank top. There used to be a trough for the horses which would have hauled carts etc:up the bank. There may have been a post office at the market place but there was also one at the bottom end and that would be the last call for the mails going to Blyth.
My father said there would be an escort for the driver with a rifle across his knee. They would go through Walker terrace and down the free wood then across the ford at the iron works. The Rose and Crown was a pub just across the river. The road to Blyth from there was level. We lived in Walker Terrace for a while above a man called Sugar Nicholson. Years later I saw him dancing at the Market Club. After WW1 accommodation was really hard to come by and after Coach Road and Walker Terrace were demolished under slum clearance. Councillor W.Hall erected a sign stating over 700 people had dwelt on 1 and1/4 acre of ground. After WW2 Council housing was eight houses to an acre. That was real progress.

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