When we started school we walked from Barrington. Then we got to Kidds
yard it led on to Glebe Road so we had that and the Netherton Road to cross. However Catholic row meant no roads to cross. So we very happy to move there in 1929. The reservoir was only half its present size it ended opposite the priests house. The waterboard stored pipes of all sizes there and the rest of the land was allotments.
Catholic Row is still a cul-de-sac and in those days was a safe place for children to play because there was always a few men at the Police Station corner to turn back any child venturing on to the Newcastle road
.The pipes etc: made a marvelous adventure ground. There was only two
catholics lived in the row at number twelve Peter Molloy and his sister Nellie.
The road was wide until it passed Percys the market garden house.
Then the ash pits coal and wash houses made it narrow. From the school gates you could see trees at the cemetery. I don’t know if a bat ever flew down there. But that created one of our favourite games’ We would stroll up to the school gates next to the Freemasons. When every one was lined up someone would
shout “The Bats Oot”. and we’d run our fastest shouting our loudest
believing the bat would get into our hair. Not stopping till we
arrived breathless at the first coal house. HAPPY DAYS…..
all the best from Joe Riley B…

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