hello NVA Vets

welcome to my blog site June 1944 we sailed from Newhaven about 5 pm on the evening of June 5th and arrived at Sword beach about 7 or 8 am I was electrician on LCI 116 We had 200 troops on board. I’d like to contact any guys who were on sword beach about that time. we got hit with a shell loosing galley and toilets if it had we werebeen 6ft forward there would have been lots of casualties as 1/2 the crew were in the wheelhouse waiting for orders to prepare to return to UK.
The Germans came down between Juno and Sword beach and shelled boats

unloading the troops. The waves were up to 2 mtres. We had to get into the
Water and assist the troops with their packs iffy they fell they would have great
Difficulty getting up again. As the tide came in the distance to the beach
Increased. After we got a few soldiers ashore we were on the shore and we needed to get a rope secured to the boat so I took a handling and swam towards the
Boat. Which was now floating free but secured by it.s stern anchor. Then we had
Rope attached to the boat and held by 3 men we helped the troops along it.
But it took a long time to get them all ashore. I put his earphones on.
Which he did. I learned later the skipper wanted the AB to. Chop the anchor rope.
Ipicked up the rope from 112 and wrapped it around a ventilator. the top came off the ventilator. 112 had his anchor rope wrapped around his props. They had to
Wait till the tide went out to chop their props free.
Once our anchor rope was cut we were able to start our engines and head back to UK. However when we arrived at Newhaven we had no anchor and no
Navigation lights so the opened the boom and let us into the harbour.
It took 3 weeks to repair our boat.

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